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VeriTree Consultant Services

Level 1: Limited Visual Assessment

This is included in every estimate that involves trees, estimates are free. When an arborist arrives on site we are always keeping an eye out for obvious hazards, meaning you always get a level 1 assessment, free of charge. 

This can also be used for during tree inventories or for large properites where a fee would be assessed. Pricing varies with every project. 

Level 2: Basic Assessment

This level of inspection usually includes a formal written report or letter. We recommend anyone with a larger tree have it inspected. The report can be used in a variety of ways, but are most commonly used for permit applcations, and proof of due diligence (maintenance records for your tree) to show your were diligent in the care of your tree in the event of an insurance claim. 

Stardard single tree Level 2 Assessments normal pricing Starting $125 

Level 3: Advanced Assessment

This level of assessment can take many forms and is usually done after a level one or two assessmnet has been performed. Level 3 techniques may include : Aerial inspections(climbing), Resistograph drilling, pull testing, or a combination of those and more. Aerial inspections and non-invasive level 3 procedures can be done without a recommendation from a lower level assessment if desired. Issues or potential risks will be further evaluated and mitigation options will be presents along with documentation of the findings.

Other Consulting Services

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