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Rooted Tree Care
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Arborist Services

Tree Pruning and Health Care Service

 Rooted Tree Care serves customers in Snohomish County and Skagit County, Washington, promoting healthy and safe tree growth with a variety of services. To determine your tree's specific needs, we start with a general consultation done either over the phone, online with photos, or in person.  During the consultation, if pruning services are needed we will proceed with gathering an estimated cost for the pruning. If health and/or risk is in question we will offer a Risk assessment or further consultation, the initial consult is always free. 

Tree Pruning

Most trees can be pruned at any time. Winter time, or the dormant season, is thought by some to be the best time to prune. This does apply to some trees, but the majority can be pruned any time of year. Your arborist may suggest certain services at different times, based on the pruning or health needs of your trees.

Basic Tree Services

Clearance Pruning

We can prune to gain clearance from almost any stationary object  or over roadways and walkways, while keeping the shape and health of the tree intact. Keeping branches clear from your home can help prevent rodent access and other potential damage to your roof and home. 

Crown Raising

This procedure removes the lowest branches of a tree sometimes called a whorl on confers. Crown raising can enhance the aesthetics and provide more space under the tree. Too much of a crown raise can also be dangerous and cause the tree to be weighted improperly increasing the chance of failure during wind events. A proper canopy ratio should always be maintained.

Storm Damage Repair

Strong winds snow and even heavy rain can lead to partial or complete failure of a tree. If branches are left broken in the canopy they can create a hazard for anyone below. We can remove the branches safely and in a controlled manner and prune out any other damaged portions of the tree if needed.

Tree Renovation

For trees that have been "butchered" or malpruned we can create a care plan to enhance the structure and health over time. With light pruning, typically in two year increments, we can usually enhance the permanent structure of a tree in just a few pruning sessions. 

Aesthetic services

This service is great for those needing a quick "sprucing" of their yard. Our arborists will focus on making your property look it's best. We offer suggestions and services to those needing to overhaul an overgrown yard. Specializing in pre-sale and or development of real estate. 

This service is usually pair with our Landscap maintenance.

Habitat Snags

You may have noticed Tree removal is not big on our list of services. Removal services can be accomodated when necessary but are seen as a last result. Habitat snags are a safe alternative to large tree removal. Habitat snags are partially removed trees that are carved to look and act as a natural habitat for creatures of the urban environment. In some cases they are considered a better alternative to the full removal of a tree and can be an artistic and econimical option.