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Rooted Tree Care
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Landscape Maintenance

Landscape Services

 Rooted Tree Care also offers general landscape services to Snohomish and Skagit County. We decided to offer these services to provide an all in one yard service for our customers. Consider us an outdoor handyman. We can do everything from mowing lawns and weeding, to fixing fences or low voltage landscape lighting. We wanted to highlight the trees in landscaping and offer landscaping services with proper tree pruning at an affordable price. 

Basic Landscape Services

Lawn Mowing

Gotta love the smell of fresh cut grass in the morning! We sure do. Lawns up to 1000 sq. ft. come with several other services for just one low price.  Check out our current special on our home page. 

Line Trimming

Included with most mowing services for a nice edge on the lawn.  It can be a stand alone service if you have an overgrown area, or other need. 

Leaf Blowing/ Cleanup

What are you doing with that free mulch!!  Yes, we recommend leaving your leaves alone. They can help replenish vital nutrients in the soil and act as a great mulch/ natural weed supressant for your garden beds.

  1. Don't bag 'em, blow 'em. We recommend not leaving the leaves on your lawns. We can blow the leaves neatly into your garden beds and make sure they aren't smothering your perennials. If you really hate the leaves that much, we can haul 'em out.

Overgrown yard

We all get busy. Have projects we never get to. List of to do's for days. Your lawn and landscape maintenance can get way out of hand sometimes. When you bought your house, you didnt think about the lawn or trees. We get it. that's why were here. Let it go, We'll come clean it up.

Real Estate

We offer specials for real estate agents or for those who are looking to sell a home. Curb appeal is everything, you know that. We can make most homes extremely presentable from the moment your potential buyer arrives. Give us a call before your next open house and see what we can do for your listing.